Roundup ready:

We are the new seeds, unmodified, nightmare for pesticides
We grow in deserts, we grow on rock, we advance through every land
We are the rebel weed that flourish stronger in the fields that you damned
We are angry trees whose roots and branches grow strong to put you to an end

Our fruits for free, a little sour, for sure the more nutritious
People rest happy in our shade, animals like to feed on us
We coexist in harmony with other native species
We restore the soil that you razed advancing through fenced fields

Absorbing your infertile germ
Transmuting your unholy potion
Washing down your toxic rain
Disguised profitable silent murderer
Our formula comes from the womb of the earth

We spit your venom back at you
Fuck to turning the cheek, that’s to control the weak
Your poison kills pests like you too
No venom can hurt us - there’s nothing you can do

We are natural seeds unmodified
Quick jump of evolution
The world retakes it’s old colour, food supply clean solution
Some modern illness disappears, as your pesticide fall ends
Our DNA chains can’t be altered, but we came to brake the chains