Fear detonates a quake
That ruptures calm again
The blood begins to boil
I look for patience to terminate the stress
to find self-confidence
And with action I wait
Maybe I don’t do enough, maybe I do too much
I lose course when I lose myself

The way I followed is heading against the wind    
And it became a duty
Is this about finding wisdom or happiness?
To whom must I smile more than to myself?
Pressure - arduous effort to reach the sun
Moving on with passion
Did I choose the goal?
Did it choose me?
Will it make me better? Or is it just a fantasy?

What is this life about?
What if everything is an illusion?
A game that we must sadly play
With rules to stop our evolution

I listen again that voice inside of me that shows me the way
Sometimes I shut it out with doubt and fear
But when I reconnect with the whole nothing makes me scared

Fear detonates a quake
That ruptures calm again
I stop to take a deep breath
Channel my energy and share my pain with the earth 
Tension fades away
Knots are not there
I'll leave my longings and fears to the winds
And with inner peace retake the quest