June 07, 2019

"HERE AND NOW" is out!

Our new album is now out and available for FREE DOWNLOAD on geoda.bandcamp.com. Also available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify and all digital platforms. Tell us what you think about it, and if you liked it, share it! We need your support!


June 03, 2019

New album "Here and Now" to be released June 7th.

Our new album will be out this friday June 7th in every streaming platforms, Itunes, YouTube, etc, and also available for FREE DOWNLOAD in geoda.bandcamp.com. Anyway if you like the album, we invite you to donate whatever you can. That will help us to make more music in the future, more videos, hack the system, etc.


May 25, 2019

Video premiere "The Magic Mountain"

We officially released the video for the song "The Magic Mountain", which will be part of the new album "Here and Now" that we will release on June 7 of this year.

We are happy and proud of this video that we made with a lot of effort, a lot of love, and very little budget! But compensating the limited resources with creativity, passion and a great human team. Only 4 people participated in this production: Bruno Osorio directing and filming; script by Facundo López, who also collaborated in the direction and was the driver and in charge of the catering! Julio Benítez, actor of recognized background in Bariloche in the main role; and the great Victor Contreras, friend and fan of Geoda since early stages of the project, as a secondary actor. All at the same time collaborating in the production of the locations and moving equipment from the vehicle to the caves for more than 30 meters. But the energy and beauty of the magical place were we filmed, made that day really pleasant and unforgettable.
Arriving at the filming location was an odyssey. We started by crossing the "Limay" river on a raft, to travel then unfriendly rural roads and some trails only used by fourtrax and motorcycles, with a 4x2 SUV vehicle loaded with an electric generator, a fuelbarrel that perfumed us the whole way, projectors, lights, computers, tripods, 2 TVs (one that did not work, for Julio to throw it to the floor in one video scene), electricity stabilizer, catering, guitar, etc. Plus four people, two of whom became siamese brothers in the back seat during the trip of almost three hours. To fill the car was like a real life Tetris. There were moments when the crew were forced to go out the car to make it able to pass stones (were it got stucked and hanged a couple times) or to climb hills, especially when we took a wrong path that made us lose a lot of time. The moral of that mistake could be "If you can not climb that hill, it's because you DO NOT have to go there, maybe it's not even a passable road or it's abandoned; so DO NOT insist or you'll be swallowing dust and curse in vain". The car got stucked on more than one occasion, and when the person in charge of the machete got tired of cuting the branches that invaded the road, we resigned to let the delicate bushes of the patagonian steppe make their drawings on the vehicle's painting.


In just one day of filming we managed to make all the scenes. We left for the end of the day the "guitar-hero"-styled solo over that rocky hill, with its rigid hair that once had the brightness and softness of the conditioner, but was now nourished and toned by the soft powder that floated weightless with each step inside the caves, plus the dust and the volcanic ash that swirled the Patagonian wind as usual in those lands.



The product: a video full of emotions, symbolism, beauty and a lot of metal!