This road to nowhere seems to be the only way
To find a place where to belong
Makes me burn all my fuel then it sells me more
It can only be paid with my soul
I jump off the road and don ‘t know where to go
In darkness I try to find myself
The lights of the city have gone but I know
I’ll soon be going to find my own way

The system is trying to put me in a box
So I can be stored properly
In those racks called “success”, “achievement”, “completion”
It looks like a coffin to me
A freshness of freedom caresses my face
But the instilled fear wants to take control
Now I see that my old thoughts were not mine
Raised to be someone else since I was born

Breaking the shell
Subliming the flesh
Feeding the soul
Transmuting hate

Freed to ascend
Anchor’s chain cut
Now we are too high
They see us small






The world is trying to mute us
Keeping us entertained
Things become obsolete fast
So do we if we don’t get them
Heavy bags don’t let us advance
The way they dominate
Unveiled plans of control
Fighting with art their hate

Self-finding final solution
Erasing limiting beliefs
Personal revolution
Ending a life of deceit

The circle is finally closed
Now I see all life as one whole
What separates is only a primitive creation
Made by egoism to control

I don’t believe in anything but love
Only a flag with my name I wave
Belong to nowhere but to the earth
Indestructible shield now on me