Patience built your greatness, nature's son
More than two thousand years growing strong
Roots into earth, arms to the sky
Honouring life in silence
Earth, snow, wind and you are one

Let me stay beside you
Your purity let me feel
Teach me to grow up firmly with calmness and peace

Too much to do never enough time
Going nowhere fast, no peace of mind
Short life, short terms, short sight
Senseless life lived for the senses
I see you and revere time, Lahuan

I want to have roots as you have
I want to be one with the earth
And look at the distance from the misty cold heights
Not reached by the nonsense of men
I want to melt with the whole
And I don’t want to be a pessimist
But you cannot hold on much more
Let’s share our strength to resist

Time is movement, future, present and past
I want to take it slow
But I like to play fast
Nature teaches that it takes time to build greatness
A blink to destroy all
But we can't create with impatience



Every new ring's a harder victory
We must learn from you, you are breathing history
Ancient life
Millenniums you have lived
Always standing tall never on your knees
Back to dust
Unforgivable race of selfish men
I hope to see you in my next life once again