Freedom Fantasy:

I do not trust in what I see
I even doubt myself
‘Cause manipulative mountains of propaganda
Are constantly trying to put their weight on me
With moral values packed on the top of the pyramid
Bought by morons as seen on TV
Annulling the free thought to drive the cattle
To the slaughterhouse to kill their will

Reality’s manipulation
Impossible to discern
Distorted information
It‘s necessary to choose:
Take or reject the disguised indoctrination

Globalization, formation of dependent human herds
False “unity” conception to erase the self
Blank minds filled with a materialistic philosophy
Standardized thoughts are essential to sustain the economy

I do not trust in what I read
I only trust in your being
When our energy vibrates at the same frequency
And cascades of truth flows naturally
Don’t be convinced by gentle speaking
Beware of the wolves wearing sheep’s clothing
Psychology and marketing design the speeches
Let’s give some applause to this amazing performance

Reality’s manipulation
Impossible to discern
Masses domination
It’s necessary to chose
The awful truth or the comfortable submission



The warmth of the mediocrity will never shelter me
Even though the world is opened in two here I'll stay firm
I feel lonely but I am stronger than ever
But I know we are many more and soon we’ll be one forever

My own crusade against authority
They will not cross my shield
They will not govern me
Institutions of the lie
There’s no democracy
They’re modeling our lives
Let’s stay against this freedom fantasy

The trickery of evil covered as kindness
Search for power their only motivation 
Creating discord they achieve their mad plans
Domination – global preparation
Liberty preached hiding slavery
Separatism exudes from the skin
Their dirty gold is not that bright to me 

Reality’s manipulation
Impossible to discern
Honesty’s extinction
To wait or not for approval:
You must make your decision

Pursuit of social rewards all that matters
Prices that can be bought only by liars
Terrorist anyone who controls his own mind
Freedom means to choose and I choose not to be blind